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Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 36, Summer 2021, Pages 1-200 (1400- تابستان) 

Research Paper

1. Vocational Secondary School English Coursebooks Based on Social Semiotic Perspective: Voices from Engineering Professionals

Pages 11-20

Cinthia Reswari; Dwi Rukmini; Helena Indyah Ratna Agustien; Djoko Sutopo

4. Improving EFL Learners’ Referential and Expressive Writing through Task-based Instruction in Academic Context

Pages 51-61

Delaram Pourmandnia; Ahmad Mohseni; Hossein Rahmanpanah; Ali Asghar Rostami Abusaeedi

5. Male and Female EFL Learners’ Perception of Free Riding Tendency

Pages 63-75

Leila Ahmadpour; Hassan - Asadollahfam; Davud Kuhi

10. Investigating the Process of Collaborative Reading among Young Iranian EFL Learners

Pages 127-133

Mania Koohafkan; Faramarz Azizmalayeri; Hossein Ahmadi

14. Interrelationship among Social, Teaching, and Cognitive Presences through Students’ Online Learning Experience

Pages 163-172

Chi Kim Pham; Cuong Quoc Huynh; Man Dai Dang; Tran Bao Thai; Tinh Huu Tran

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