Author = Hossein Vahid Dastjerdi
Impact of Googling Techniques on Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Students’ L2 Writing Performance

Volume 9, Issue 38, October 2021, Pages 95-107


Asma Qoreishi kolaqani; Hossein Vahid Dastjerdi; Hadi Salehi; Omid Tabatabaei

Translation of Psychology Book Titles: A Skopos theory perspective

Volume 9, Issue 34, April 2021, Pages 135-153

Esmat Alimardani; Hossein Vahid Dastjerdi

The Impact of Weblog Task Assessment on Iranian EFL Learners’ Reading Ability

Volume 5, Issue 17, June 2017, Pages 45-55

Marjan Zamani; Hossein Vahid Dastjerdi

Impact of Dynamic Assessment on Iranian EFL Learners' Picture-cued Writing

Volume 4, Issue 13, June 2016, Pages 129-144

Raheleh Taheri; Hossein Vahid Dastjerdi

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Translation: Semantic Accuracy and Time Span in Focus

Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2015, Pages 73-86

Nayereh Davari; Hossein Vahid Dastjerdi

Voice Analysis in English and Persian Persuasive Texts: Pedagogical implications in focus

Volume 2, Issue 6, June 2014, Pages 63-71

Shiva Javdan; Hossein Vahid Dastjerdi