Author = Seyyed Ayatollah Razmjoo
Language Proficiency and Identity: Developing a Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) of Identity for Iranian EFL Learners

Volume 9, Issue 34, April 2021, Pages 81-101

Amir Mirahmadi Kia; Seyyed Ayatollah Razmjoo; Shahram Afraz

The Most Common Challenges Facing Iranian English Majors in the Translation Process from English into Persian

Volume 8, Issue 33, March 2020, Pages 77-92

Narcisse Memarzia; Rahman Sahragard; Seyyed Ayatollah Razmjoo; Shahram Afraz

On the Development of a Model of Discipline-specific Reading Strategies in the Context of Iranian EFL Learners

Volume 4, Issue 15, December 2016, Pages 99-115

Fazlolah Samimi; Rahman Sahragard; Seyyed Ayatollah Razmjoo