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Number of Articles: 10
1. Predictive Power of Involvement Load Hypothesis and Technique Feature Analysis across L2 Vocabulary Learning Tasks

Volume 6, Issue 24, Winter 2018, Pages 127-141

Nahid Chaharlang; Mohammad Taghi Farvardin

3. Effect of Telegram Application on Iranian Advanced EFL Learners' Vocabulary Knowledge and Attitude

Volume 5, Issue 20, Winter 2017, Pages 96-109

Roya Zarei; Laya Heidari Darani; Ahmad Ameri-Golestan

4. The Relationship between EFL Learners’ Anxiety and Writing Complexity

Volume 4, Issue 14, Summer 2016, Pages 47-67

Fariba Mohebbi; Maryam Azarnoosh; Seyed Jalal Abdolmanafi Rokni

7. Native Language Interference in Writing: A case study of Thai EFL learners

Volume 4, Issue 16, Winter 2016, Pages 25-36

Pimpisa Rattanadilok Na Phuket; Siti Jamilah Bidin

9. The Impact of Teaching Corpus-based Collocation on EFL Learners' Writing Ability

Volume 3, Issue 10, Spring 2015, Pages 53-62

Shabnam Ashouri; Davood Mashhadi Heidar