Traditional Versus Alternative Writing Assessment

Document Type : Research Paper


English Department, Farhangian University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


The present study intended to evaluate EFL students' performance on a traditional method of writing assessment in comparison to an alternative assessment technique by taking into account the effects of teacher and peer feedback. Moreover, the attitudes of the participants regarding assessment procedures and activities were focused in this study. To this end, thirty male and female language learners taking Advanced Writing course at university level were chosen as the participants of the study. First, all the participants were given a traditional writing test. Then, they were provided with a video and a reading passage related to the writing topic. Additionally, they received teacher and peer comments and feedback on their essays. As a further step, a questionnaire was distributed to collect information about the participants’ opinions on the provided treatments. Analysis of the results indicated that in general most EFL learners had a better performance in alternative assessment mainly on the components of content, organization and style in comparison to traditional one. Also, the participants showed a positive attitude in general about alternative assessment through teacher and peer feedback, chiefly towards teacher comments.