Effect of Corrective Feedback on the Acquisition of English Prepositions of Movement and Place in Third-grade High School EFL Learners'''' Grammar Performance

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Islamic Azad University, Abadan branch, Abadan, Iran

2 Islamic Azad University, Abadan branch, Abadan,Iran


This study investigated the effects of corrective feedback (CF) on the acquisition of English prepositions to find out which one would be more effective for third-grade high school learners in their grammar performance. This study also examined declarative and interrogative recasts to see which one the participants preferred to improve their grammar performance. To this end,75 out of 130 female students at the intermediate level in Khorramshar took part in this study. The participants were randomly assigned into one control and two experimental groups. All three groups took the same pre and posttests; however, the treatment was different. The recast group received CF in the form of recast and the other in the form of metalinguistic clues. The control group only received general comments, like good, bad, etc. The results indicated that both experimental groups improved in preposition recognition and production in their grammar performances. The findings also showed that there was no significant difference between the students'' performance in experimental groups, but metalinguistic CF was more helpful. A careful calculation using a questionnaire based on 5-points Likert Scale showed that there was no significant difference between the participants'' preference for two types of recast by the group receiving recasts.