Whose Needs do we fit? Needs Analysis of English Curriculum for Arts Students and the Arts Industry in Taiwan

Document Type : Research Paper


English Track, General Education Center, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taiwan


This study analyzed the requirement of English education for arts students and the language needs for arts administrators in the workplace in Taiwan. A total of 83 participants, comprising 37 graduate students majoring in the arts and 46 company administrators in art-related jobs, responded to a questionnaire requesting their opinions concerning English education. The results indicated that the language skills that the students required were similar to those that company administrators used in the workplace. Reading was the skill that company administrators used the most, and speaking was the least used skill. However, among the 30 language tasks, the comparison of mean scores indicated a discrepancy in needs between the students and company administrators. The arts students required sufficient vocabulary and adequate reading practice, because they were required to take English proficiency tests as a graduation requirement and their course materials included English articles and journal papers. Regarding the company administrators, introducing artwork and presenting products were crucial because they must sell artwork. The results can serve as fundamental information for reforming and preparing English curricula and courses tailored to the needs of arts students in Taiwan.


  • Receive Date: 07 August 2018
  • Revise Date: 17 November 2018
  • Accept Date: 17 February 2019
  • First Publish Date: 01 June 2019