Author = Azizeh Chalak
Number of Articles: 8
4. Exploratory-cumulative vs. Disputational Talk on Cognitive Dependency of Translation Studies: Intermediate level students in focus

Volume 8, Issue 33, Winter 2020, Pages 39-57

Samaneh Yazdani; Hossein Heidari Tabrizi; Azizeh Chalak

5. English Needs Analysis in the Workplace: The Case of Engineers in Esfahan Steel Company

Volume 7, Issue 27, Autumn 2019, Pages 41-58

Mahdokht Nilforoush; Azizeh Chalak

6. The Influence of Autonomy on Iranian EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Podcasting Tasks, Gain and Retention

Volume 7, Issue 25, Spring 2019, Pages 127-141

Atefeh Elekaei; Hossein Heidari Tabrizi; azizeh chalak

7. English Needs Analysis of Iran Air Airport Services Personnel at Isfahan Airport

Volume 5, Issue 19, Autumn 2017, Pages 79-89

Reza Barkhordari; azizeh chalak

8. Integration of Serious Games in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Iranian Children

Volume 5, Issue 17, Spring 2017, Pages 77-87

Azizeh Chalak; Behzad Ahmadi